Sleepless People

Sleepless People

Never ending inflation blesses us with sleepless nights. Rates are very high with low wages. This is the worst combination ever seen. Currency has shown some downfalls, which impact our overall economic situation. This is the factor which contributes most to making health worst.

People are seen as fit by their physical health, but the reality is contradictory. Mental health is suffering and there is a steep rise in psychological disorders. People love to hide their mental health issues, as they love to hide their financial ones. To bring bread to the people now opt to work for more than 12 hours a day.

At the start, humans love working for this long but with time, this thing drains people's energy because our brain needs rest to function optimally the whole day. Sleep is very necessary for human life because it is the rest of the body and a natural phenomenon where the body repairs its damaged tissue. Sleep-deprived people became the prey of many infections because it affects the immune system holistically.

The youth believe it is excellent to work longer hours without sleep, but they should consider how they can manage their sleep and perform well. You run the risk of being blessed with sadness, anxiety, and irritability if your sleep routine is disturbed. Sleep is the best remedy for the brain's desire for rest. Our organs are active all the time, and sleep provides little relief for them. Rest is a tremendously underestimated therapy in human research since, when scheduled properly, it spontaneously treats many conditions. People became the victim of mental health issues due to prolong disturb sleep routines.

There are greater mental health issues in underdeveloped countries since there are fewer employment options and poorer earnings for those who do find work. Mental health awareness is also poor since depression is not appropriately treated and is believed to require suffering in order to thrive. Although it's wonderful when people learn through adversity, mental illness shouldn't be promoted in the name of progress.

Social stigma is a significant contributor to the growth in the prevalence of mental illness. Fairness is attractive. Yes, it draws a lot of attention, but being fair alone does not make someone beautiful. Everyone still desires a fair woman in this day and age, and we are aware that South Asians have dusty skin. Why do they desire something that the females in their nation do not? Thousands of dollars are spent on cosmetics, not just to make people appear nice but also to cover their socially imposed fears.

A nonprofit organisation called BasicNeeds Pakistan was founded in 2011 and "works to improve the lives of people living with mental illness and/or epilepsy in Pakistan." It educates the public about mental disorders and symptoms, dispels stereotypes, and trains community volunteers in mental health. These are the initiatives by the people of Pakistan for the people of Pakistan. We all have phones through which we can connect ourselves with them for better future. Young generation is subjected to be a contributor not to become a prey of the mental health issues.

To commemorate World Mental Health Day, Pakistan officially unveiled the Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) model, which is multi layered, digitalised, based on human rights, scalable and sustainable. Pakistan, which has a population of over 220 million, is known to have one of the worst mental health indices in the world.

The WHO has estimated that there are about 30 million persons in the nation who have mental illnesses of some kind. The projected total number of psychiatrists in Pakistan is fewer than 500, which has led to a significant treatment gap for mental health conditions. More than 80% of persons with common mental health illnesses go untreated due to a lack of mental health specialists. We have free online services named (Center for interactive Mental health solutions), SEEK HELP and UMANG PAKISTAN. We need to dig down the all-available online resources for us. These free websites, non-governmental organization and national initiatives are for the people who suffered. Suffering is not the solution.

All we need is to have keen eye on the organization or the people which helps you to pull out from this traumas/ mental illness. A person cannot achieve anything if he or she is not healthy, health is highly vital. A healthy body demands the right nourishment, surroundings, connections, and rest. The winner is the one who manages to balance everyone's requirements while also taking care of himself because he knows how to stand up for himself.

Working hard sounds heroic but this is a foolish thing to suffer your sleep and which indirectly affects overall health. Things will be fine if you have sound health and are productive all day long. Waking up and doing nothing will not make you progress in any kind of life parameter. Don't be sleepless just maintain your level best.

The writer is a columnist and researcher who has previously worked with Pakistan Daily.