Each Gender Is Unique In Terms Of Its Attributes 

The combination of all three genders provides a different spectacle for seeing this world from different angles and viewpoints

Each Gender Is Unique In Terms Of Its Attributes 

Each Gender is specified and unique in terms of its attributes and characteristics. Each gender is created with wisdom to benefit the world by providing their services. Each gender is assembled with the most proficient and beneficial strategies. If one wants to see diversity, then different genders with different perspectives and experiences make the world a beautiful and peaceful place to live in. 

The male gender is a very intelligent, physically strong, and courageous creation. The female gender is graceful and multi-dimensional. Intersex and transgender people are blessed with various other talents. The combination of all three genders provides a different spectacle for seeing this world from different angles and viewpoints. As the creation is versatile, so are the duties and responsibilities. Sometimes, unknowingly or unconsciously, people associate roles and responsibilities with gender, which isn’t fair. Everyone is awarded with different talents and abilities, so there is a wider picture to assign and perform a particular thing.

Most probably, men are burdened with the duty to be the breadwinners of the home, and women are only responsible for the house chores. This is an injustice to ask a man to bear the economic pressure, whether he is capable enough or not. Even the man who becomes physically unable to earn suffers from the guilt of not earning, is called disrespectfully for not fulfilling his duties, and sometimes is not even labeled as a "man." 

In a similar way, if a woman works outside the home, then she’s not even considered a good woman. Her character is assassinated, or she’s termed an "irresponsible mother” or unfaithful lady. These Taboos give glimpses of hell in terms of injustice and inequality. Moreover, the household is also considered the duty of women, whether men work or not. We need to put great emphasis on the equivalent division of roles and responsibilities among different genders. The man can cook, take on the responsibility of house maintenance, and feed his children the way he wants. It is not a challenge to his manhood. A woman becomes pregnant, but people become parents. So it should be a mutual responsibility to take care of them.

Similarly, women are also capable enough to earn a living by utilizing their talents. But to ask them to only work at home and not go outside is not only an injustice to them but also increases the work pressure on men, as both are equally responsible for bread and child care. Work is work; it depends on the person who’s doing it, not on gender. Work is genderless, as are the roles and responsibilities. To label a man with unbearable titles for working at home is wrong, and to entitle a female to work outside is also not acceptable. A man can cook well, and a woman can be a driver. It’s all a matter of mentality. Gender equality entails the division of labor on equal and justified terms. It provides cloth of equal color on both ends. 

If the bridge of roles and responsibilities is equally burdened, then the transfer of various thoughts and ideas will be smooth and the waste of resources, time, and energy will be minimized. We need to be more conscious and aware of the equal provision of facilities and opportunities to both ends. By dividing a lot of responsibilities mutually, proper checks and balances can ensure the peace and prosperity of this world.