Such Gup

Such Gup

Brewing resentment

Our mole reports that resentment is brewing against the new Mrs Khan as she assumes a larger than life role in The Great Khan’s party. Sources say she’s virtually taken over the women’s wing of the party and is in the throes of reorganising it. The silver-haired saint, one of The Khan’s right hand men, is most disturbed by this and having been an early critic of this match, feels left out and passed over. Lest we forget, it was the saint who played a central role in bringing The Great Khan & Co back to parliament.

Powerful enemies

The other lot that’s taken umbrage at an important personage’s supra status is The Man of Steel’s inner circle. The recipient of their antipathy is The Man of Steel’s Dar-ling and they dislike the latter’s access and big role in policy-making and execution, from his own domain of economics to virtually everything else. One of Dar-ling’s powerful enemies is The Man of Steel’s Talented Bro, followed by Mr Bean, followed by KA. In this unwholesome atmosphere, where power is concentrated at the top, both in the provinces and at the centre, most parliamentarians feel excluded and animus against the handful of officials who run the show, and are more potent than ministers, is running high.

Lest we forget …

And lest we forget, the gent who orchestrated last year’s assault on the government, from his vantage point amidst the Invisible Soldiers Inc., is now getting used to a retired life, dependent on the largesse of the very men he was trying to oust not so long ago. As is the boys’ wont, this gent also got a nice bit of state land but in the province of the Five Rivers, he needs Talented Bro’s goodwill to get it up and running. Hence, the gent yearns to make yesterday’s enemies today’s pals and has been spotted fawning on The Brothers at every available opportunity.