Noor Mukadam Verdict: Acquittal of Zahir Jaffer's Parents Draws Ire

Noor Mukadam Verdict: Acquittal of Zahir Jaffer's Parents Draws Ire
While Zahir Jaffer's conviction has been welcomed by various quarters, the acquittal of his parents, Zakir Jaffer and Asmat Adamjee, is being questioned as they were seen as 'direct accomplices' to their son's crimes.

Zakir Jaffer and Asmat Adamjee had been indicted for allegedly attempting to conceal the brutal crime and destroy evidence. They were acquitted of all charges.

While he kept Noor trapped in his house, and just moments after he killed her, the prosecutors had claimed that Zahir Jaffer had called his parents multiple times, the court heard.  His parents, away on vacation, had allegedly tried to help their son cover up his crime, and it was them who called Therapy Works instead of police.

"His parents were direct accomplices in the murder and got off scot-free. They're still a threat to society by and large," wrote one commentator on social media.

"How are his parents acquitted? Manson wasn’t at the murders either but he encouraged them. Did [Zahir Jaffer's] parents do everything in their power to stop what happened to Noor?" asked another.

"I hope Zakir Jaffer and Asmat Adamjee are forever ostracized and spoken about with open disdain wherever they go. I hope they never see a day of joy," wrote one commentator.

Many claimed that Zahir's parents had used their money and influence to secure their acquittal.

"Law in this country is, without reservation, different for the rich and poor," wrote one commentator.

"The fact that the murderer’s parents and therapy works have been acquitted while the home staff were given 10 years in jails is a prime example of money rules all," wrote another.

"Class dynamics quite stark in the judgement today.. expecting appeals for Zahir’s sentence, but hope this brings some semblance of peace for Noor’s family and loved ones. May no woman, no family, have to go through this kind of atrocity," wrote one woman.