A Case Of Mocking Mangoes: Zulfi Bukhari Swipes At FM Bilawal

A Case Of Mocking Mangoes: Zulfi Bukhari Swipes At FM Bilawal
In what can only be seen as a marvellous display of an unnecessary 'hot take', Imran Khan's confidante and PTI insider Sayed Zulfi Bukhari seemed quite unhappy at not being Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. A recent tweet from his account exhibited symptoms of such sadness:


While mentioning 'selfies', Zulfi Bukhari ought to remember that not everyone makes it to the cover of Hello! Magazine on the basis of supposed 'hotness'. Some do have to resort to taking photos on the basis of their job, and merit as well, which means having both actual style and substance.

All this ignores the fact Zulfi Bukhari was only an unelected 'special assistant' to former prime minister Imran Khan, and is now alleged to have utilised that office as a means to sell watches from the Toshakhana (state gift repository). On the other hand, Bilawal has restored Pakistan's image on the international stage and delivered some reality checks on the global level. So why mock mangoes?


Or is it more about taking swipes at South Punjab's farmer, 'some' of whom were once PTI supporters but were then 'disposed' and sacrificed for Imran Khan's politics, only after being used for their ATMs and private jets?

Agriculture constitutes almost 19% of Pakistan's GDP and employs over 42% of the labour force. Pakistan ranks globally among the top 10 mango producers of the world, with the Chaunsa regarded as one of the most sought after varieties of the fruit.

Perhaps if Zulfi Bukhari was more respectful towards the farmers of Pakistan, and truly understood Pakistan's competitive edge in the global fruit market due to efforts of local mango producers, and if he is honoured the same way Bilawal is by the international community for actually serving Pakistan, he wouldn't be 'so lonely'.

This could be a much better outcome for everyone, than Zulfi having to defend his 'dear leader' and the "millions of dollars of government money" spent on his protection detail.