Ten Villages Submerged Under Seawater In Thatta

Ten Villages Submerged Under Seawater In Thatta

High rising sea-tides have caused havoc in coastal areas of Thatta again on Thursday evening when sea water inundated around 10 villages of Bagar and Keti Bunder area.

According to residents of nearby area a rise had been notice in the sea waves for the past three days and the sea level continued to rise for three more days. 

The violent sea waves broke the already splintered weak protective dykes near Bagar and Keti Bunder area after which water entered into the farmlands and villages located along the coastline. 

Muhamad Ali Shola, Mir Jat, Pariyo Lashari, Sholani and others were badly affected owing to the advancement of sea water.

None of the government authorities arrived in the affected areas and around 500 hundred people who were stranded in these villages had to make efforts on their own to vacate the affected areas. 

According to the information reaching here from the coastal areas as many as 200 villagers had been shifted to the upper areas while others were still finding their way to get rid of the quagmire. 

Pir Bux Maliyo, a local resident when contacted, told this correspondent that the dykes raised along the coastal villages were weak and could not bear the pressure of hostile waves induced by gusty winds blowing across the lower region from January to May. He said that the farmers of coastal areas had cultivated wheat and sorghum crops that had been destroyed by the sea water. 

The breach has widened up to 50-feet and villagers were busy filling the breach. None of the Government authorities had arrived to assist them in the process till the filing of this report.

Sea intrusion has unleashed more terror in Badin, Thatta and Sujawal than usually the wars do. The water has affected pocketed 30 million acres of land on the coastline of these three districts and will cause more devastation as the threat of climate change is likely to deepen in the coming years.


The author is a practicing lawyer and freelance journalist. His areas of interest are cultural diversity and socio-political issues of Sindh.