Watch: Shehnaz Gill Pauses For Azaan At Mumbai Awards Show

Watch: Shehnaz Gill Pauses For Azaan At Mumbai Awards Show
Indian singer and actress Shehnaz Gill made headlines on Thursday as she paused for azaan (Muslims' call to prayer) during an awards show in Mumbai.

Moments before the call began, Gill was asked to sign a song for the audience as she arrived on the stage to receive the Digital Personality of the Year Award.

Upon hearing the azaan, the singer paused forthwith and only resumed speaking when it was complete.

Her gesture won the hearts of her fans, one of whom posted the video online and praised her for 'being such a pure soul' and showing her respect towards the religion.

In another recent development a few days ago, actor Karan Kundrra paused his presser after hearing the call to prayer. His gesture, too, won praise from his fans.

Some saw Gill's gesture as being in full contrast with a Hindu leader's action last year of forcing azaan's volume down in the same city.

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Raj Thackeray, leader of a regional Hindu party, had demanded in April that mosques keep their sounds within the allowed 'noise limits'.

He had warned that his followers would chant Hindu prayers outside the mosques if his orders were not followed.

“If religion is a private matter then why are Muslims allowed to use loudspeakers all 365 days (of the year)?” Thackeray was quoted as saying in Mumbai.

“My dear Hindu brothers, sisters, and mothers, come together; be one in bringing these loudspeakers down,” he said.

The move was seen in the country as another attempt by hardline elements to undermine basic rights to free worship and religious expression.

Political leaders saw the actions as a reason for a further deepening of rifts between the communities. It was seen as a development that could stir unrest in the country and deepen the divide.