SUCH GUP: Change Of Plan, Unblocked Numbers and Heated Monologues

SUCH GUP: Change Of Plan, Unblocked Numbers and Heated Monologues

Change of plan

Our moles have reported that trusted affiliates of Great Leader have advised him to stop targeting No. 1 and his colleagues. After the landslide win in the Punjab by-elections, the Great Leader has stopped taking on the neutral janwars. Advisers have further counseled the Great Leader to open channels of communication with other political forces to mount pressure on the invisibles leading to a new charter of democracy. Reportedly, the Great one is open to suggestion unlike the past. Two leading journos who met the Great one have confirmed that he is ready for dialogue on all – civvy and khaki – issues.

Unblocked numbers

Given the heat generated by the incendiary rhetoric and the unexpected results in by polls, communication between Rawalpindi and Bani Gala has resumed. In the context of rapidly changing political scenario phone calls have acquired much significance and the phone numbers blocked earlier are now functional. Efforts are also underway to find a way to mediate a solution to the current crisis with a proper face saving for the chosen one. The stumbling block is the date of elections and the appointment of No. 1 due later this year. Or earlier?

Mixed messaging

Two leading oracles on broadcast media have aired different messages in the current crisis. The first known for his proximity to the citadel of power has indicated a soft intervention by the khakis to settle matters between the warring political forces. The ‘intervention’ idea is viewed by some as a formula for ‘survival’. The second oracle with insider access to the invisible quarters has claimed that elections will take place next year. The conflicting messaging is fueling the rumour mills amid a tanking economy. Our fly on some powerful walls says that there is, in effect, no plan which should deeply worry the subjects.

Cracks within

Our mole who has been speaking to the honchos of PMLN confirms that the party is in disarray when it comes to the future strategy and tackling Great Leader and his erstwhile benefactors. The Man of Steel is extremely apprehensive about the developments and has said, ‘I told you so’ on more than one occasion. The Talented Bro in the meantime has no plans to quit and is willing to ‘serve’ loyally. Grumblings within have become louder with time as the unhappy voter refused to come out on July 17 in Lahore and elsewhere. Slowly, pressure is building up to throw in the towel. In any case, Talented Bro’s survival in office is becoming increasingly tenuous.

Heated monologue

A fly on the wall tells us that last week Talented Bro met with the Khakis in Lahore while the former was stationed in Lahore to save his son's government. The Bro in clear terms mentioned how much pressure he was facing by his party to choose the path of defiance. He even mentioned that the Man of Steel was angry and could very well start spilling the beans on the recent regime change and how his party was made to 'choose' the path of compromise. The fly has reported that the 'guests' gave a patient hearing in that long, late night meeting. Their response was measured. A few days later as the Punjab saga continued, the arch-rival of father-son duo, Ch Moonis Elahi, received a a small favour. Moonis' bail was confirmed in an otherwise open and shut case.