Islamabad Police’s Transgender Officer Says Male Colleague Tried To Kill Her

Islamabad Police’s Transgender Officer Says Male Colleague Tried To Kill Her
Transgender police officer and Victim Support Officer (VSO) Nayyab Ali has said that an officer of the Islamabad police tried twice to shoot her dead in the Ramna police station in Islamabad.

VSO Nayyab Ali, who works with the Transgender Protection Unit of the Islamabad Police, said that on Thursday night, a fellow police officer at the Ramna station tried to shoot at her twice, both times in the company of other police officers who did not intervene or try to stop him.

In a video she shared right after the incident, she said that she was still at the police station where she wasn't being allowed to leave, nor were her friends being allowed to enter the premises.

She asked that if she was having to face murder attempts and violence by the police despite being a police officer herself, what hope could she have for the rest of the transgender community?

According to journalists present on the site, Nayyab was at the station to deal with a case involving another transperson, when a constable shot at her twice. The three policemen who were there at the time of shooting did not stop or arrest the perpetrator and instead called the SHO to ask him how to proceed.

By this time a huge crowd of the transgender community had gathered outside the police station to protest the shooting, after which the SHO showed up as well. There was a verbal stand-off between Nayyab and the officer who shot at her.

The protesters demanded that the SHO arrest the man before he could be let through into the station, as they were blocking the entrance. However the SHO did not arrest the officer, and according to some video reports, was aggressive towards Nayyab Ali and her supporters.