Mob Lynchings: NA Passes Resolution To Protect Minorities

The resolution calls for action against the individuals involved in violence against minorities.

Mob Lynchings: NA Passes Resolution To Protect Minorities

As the country grapples with incidences of violence and lynchings over blasphemy accusations, the National Assembly passed a resolution on the protection of minorities in the country in the ruckus-marred session on Sunday. 

The lower house session on Budget 2024–25 was tumultuous as the government and opposition remained divided over a new military operation, Azm-e-Istehkam, announced on Saturday to eradicate militancy in the country.

Aside from the disagreement between the opposition and Treasury benches, the National Assembly passed a resolution aimed at safeguarding minorities with a clear majority. 

Law Minister Senator Azam Nazeer Tarar presented a resolution stating that the federal and provincial governments must assure the full protection of members of the country's minority groups.

It also recommended action against those who had committed acts of violence against minority groups. 

The resolution comes only days after another sad occurrence in Swat, where a man was lynched for allegedly desecrating the Holy Quran. 

On Thursday night, a frenzied crowd beat the blasphemy suspect, a local tourist, to death before setting fire to both his body and the police station where he was being held following allegations. 

During the session, Defence Minister Khawaja Asif voiced significant worry over the rise in occurrences of violence against minorities, saying that the country is experiencing worldwide shame as a result of such incidents.

"Pakistan is not the country of a single person, but every Pakistani who lives here has equal citizenship. All Hindus, Christians, and Sikhs are equal citizens," he stated. 

The minister urged the National Assembly to send a clear statement that it is dedicated to defending the rights of the country's minority populations. 

In a policy declaration delivered in the House, he stated that the National Assembly must take a unified position against misuse of religion. 

The minister stated that the message should be clear: the people are united to protect the rights of minorities such as Christians, Sikhs, and Parsis.

In recent years, Pakistan has witnessed an increase in mob lynchings and religiously motivated violence against minorities. 

Last month, a Christian man in his seventies was beaten by a crowd in Sargodha on suspicion of desecrating the Holy Quran. He eventually died from his injuries.