EXCLUSIVE: Imran Khan’s Sister, Brother-in-Law Under Investigation For Fraudulently Acquiring Prime Land

EXCLUSIVE: Imran Khan’s Sister, Brother-in-Law Under Investigation For Fraudulently Acquiring Prime Land
LAHORE: Former prime minister Imran Khan’s sister Uzma Khan and her husband Ahad Majeed Khan acquired 5,261 kanals land in Mozah Nawah Kot, located in Tehsil Chobara of District Layyah, through fraud, deceit and forgery. The couple is also accused of having paid a meagre amount for land valued at approximately Rs 6 billion, The Friday Times (TFT) has learnt.

Sources privy to this development confirmed to TFT that Punjab Anti Corruption Establishment (ACE) has commenced an investigation into this matter, and is in the process of gathering evidence. Soon, a call up notice will be issued to Khan’s sister Uzma and to her husband Ahad, who will be required to appear in person.

A senior official said that the couple purchased the land in 2021-22 after the Asian Development Bank announced the 'Greater Thal Canal Project' to reclaim barren land in the area. It is surmised that the couple were aware the market value of the land would multiply after the completion of the Greater Thal project, because of which they purchased this land "for peanuts, by hook or by crook".

“The common people and farmers of this area were not aware of this project, whereas Uzma and her husband had insider information by virtue of their relation to then-premier Khan, after which acquired this land in whatever way they could".

As per the initial investigation, Uzma and her husband acquired this land in the shape of two suspicious transfer deeds according to which no land demarcation was done. They purchased 5,261 kanals (657.62 acres) by paying just Rs 130 million at different rates (starting from Rs 60,000 per acre to Rs 120,000 per acre), whereas the minimum value of the land in question was estimated at Rs 6 billion.

Misuse of government authority to take illegal possession of 500 Kanals 

A senior official familiar with ACE’s initial investigation told TFT that Uzma and her husband Ahad took possession of the land illegally from poor farmers, who had been living in this area for decades and had legal possession of the land under investigation.

Allah Ditta, one of the farmers who was forced out of this area by the-then DPO acting under pressure from Uzma and her husband, told TFT that he was forced to leave this piece of land which was approximately two acres, along with his animals, wife and children, "although we had been the legal owners of the land".

“None of the authorities were willing to listen to us, as they said they were receiving strict instructions from the chief minister and from the PM's office at that time. My family was deprived of our only asset,” he concluded with tears welling up in his eyes.


In addition to peacefully protesting along with other affected farmers, Allah Ditta had also submitted applications in the concerned police stations, as well as applications submitted to the Justice of Peace (under sections 22A and 22B of relevant laws and statutes) but all in vain.

Sources maintained that Uzma Khan and Ahad Majeed Khan also acquired 5-7 acres of land from orphaned girls whose father had reportedly worked hard to reclaim a barren piece of land and turned it into a garden. "There was no one to speak in their defense or safeguard their land, which was taken into possession by Uzma Khan and her cronies," a source told TFT.

CM Buzdar 'went out of his way' to facilitate Khan’s sister 

A senior official maintained that former Punjab chief minister Usman Buzdar also facilitated Imran Khan's sister Uzma Khan by illegally installing a solar system and subsidising a drip irrigation system for the land in question by misusing his authority.

Govt officials stormed onto landowner's property to forcibly take possession at Uzma Khan’s behest

Similarly, under the pressure of Khan's sister, ADC(R) Layyah Ashfaq Sial, assistant commissioner Chaubara Afzal Sherazi, Rana Ilyas (manager of Dr Uzma Khan and Dr Ahad Khan) and other officials, including SHO Khurram Riaz and MPA Qaisar Khan Magsi, stormed into the house of Muhammad Akram, who owns land measuring 20 acres, on January 21, 2023. They issued verbal threats to his life and safety, and warned him that he had to surrender possession of his land "by all means" to Uzma Khan and her husband.

“Akram moved the session court on January 28, 2023. Judge Muhammad Khalid Ishfaq gave a ruling in his favour, but Uzma Khan’s manager challenged it in the Multan registry of the high court and secured the stay orders," sources told TFT.

Uzma Khan and husband Ahad misbehaved with bureaucrats who didn't submit to their illegal demands 

Sources informed TFT that Uzma and her husband used to misbehave with government officials, at times even making them sit on the floor in order to humiliate them in their presence. It is obvious that the then-prime minister's sister had the will and the clout to force government officials to help them in taking possession of the land through force.

“The officers who didn’t bow down to their illegal demands were transferred instantly, to be replaced by junior bureaucrats who were brought to the area with the sole purpose of getting them [Uzma Khan and her husband Ahad Majeed Khan] the possession in return for the favour of their posting".

Sources maintained that the revenue department's field staff had sold more land on paper as opposed to the actual land that existed. “The total area of Mozah is 150,000 acres, but on paper they had sold 300,000 acres,” sources affirmed.

Local sources state that those with influence had illegally acquired the land in Mozah Nawah Kot, and that Uzma Khan and her husband Ahad Khan were among those influentials.

Family decries ‘political victimisation’ 

Speaking to TFT, Omer Khan Burki, a close relative of Uzma Khan, said that both she and her husband are "people with principles" and could not be involved in any such reprehensible activity.

“If the Anti Corruption Establishment asks or inquires about anything, I think they will submit the reply and answer the questions to the best of their knowledge,” Burki said.

“Both of them have clean reputations and solid credentials, and I doubt that they could be involved in any such fraudulent activity,” Burki concluded.

When TFT requested Burki to ask either Uzma Khan or her husband Ahad Khan for a statement on the record, he said that he would speak to them to inquire about their side of the story. However, neither Burki nor Uzma Khan or her husband have responded as of the filing of this report.

The writer is a senior correspondent at The Friday Times with a focus on politics, economy and militancy. He also hosts the Hassan Naqvi Show on Naya Daur.