May 9 Riots Case: PTI Leader Asad Qaiser Rearrested From Swabi

On Nov 3, the former NA speaker was arrested from his residence in Islamabad.

May 9 Riots Case: PTI Leader Asad Qaiser Rearrested From Swabi

After being given bail in a corruption case, police re-arrested Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader and former National Assembly (NA) Speaker Asad Qaiser from Swabi Jail on Thursday in connection with the May 9 riots.

Charsadda police arrested Qaiser, a fervent supporter of PTI Chairman Imran Khan, from within Swabi Jail and shifted him to an unknown place.

The former prime minister's arrest in the £190 million settlement case sparked demonstrations practically across the country on May 9. Hundreds of PTI workers and top officials have been imprisoned for their roles in unrest and attacks on military sites.

During the demonstrations, miscreants targeted civil and military installations, including Jinnah House and the General Headquarters (GHQ). The army declared May 9 to be "Black Day" and vowed to prosecute the demonstrators under the Army Act.

The detained PTI leader encouraged his party workers to continue their quest for victory in the next elections in a video message recorded during his re-arrest.

The PTI leader claimed that if all political parties were given an equal playing field, his party would win the forthcoming elections with a massive majority.

It is worth noting that the PTI and PPP have accused the caretaker government of providing "special treatment" to PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif ahead of the elections.

Previously, an Abbottabad anti-corruption court granted bail to the PTI leader in a graft case involving the acquisition of medical equipment for Gajju Khan Medical College Swabi. The judge granted his bail application and ordered him to furnish surety bonds of Rs80,000.

On November 3, the former NA speaker was arrested at his home in Islamabad's Bani Gala neighborhood.

Qaiser was arrested by police and Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) personnel for allegedly fraudulent practices involving the acquisition of medical equipment.