Your Weekly Tarot Forecast Is Here

Your Weekly Tarot Forecast Is Here
Gather around friends, we’re about to take a look into what this week might possibly bring for you. Every week The Friday Times’ resident astrologer will be pulling one card for each of the three major areas of your life: Self, Love and Career. Here’s what the week of Monday October 24 has in store for you.


Things are rough right now reader. You're going through a challenging phase in life, and it might even be supremely painful. The Tower card signifies life altering, difficult change that is often unavoidable. It could even point to trauma, destruction or disaster. This change might be really big and really shake everything you know. But the thing to remember is that after this mega mega change, you'll most likely experience some sort of rebirth, and will be faced with a fresh start with a fresh perspective. After going through this massive upheaval and change, you'll realise that your prior beliefs were built on shaky ground to begin with, making them more susceptible to being toppled over, and you'll emerge stronger on steadier ground.


The Temperance card is a signifier of harmony and balance. While it could be indicative of a harmonious relation where both you and your partner feel equally seen and heard, it could also point to a need for balance. Now is not the time for hasty and biased decision making, or for being extra opinionated or argumentative. Sit back, find that balance and use it to realise things for what they are, without making a rash decision. Since the card represents alchemy, it might be wise to consider compromise, as part of a blended approach to life. You know you have a distinct long-term vision, why muddle it up with hastiness?


Is this the right choice for you, career-wise? The answer lies within you, as annoying as that sounds. This is a time for introspection, and figuring out what you really want from life, and what is that brings you joy. Weigh out the pros and cons, and try to look as deep inside yourself as you can: there's no point in lying to yourself. What really brings you satisfaction when it comes to your work? The path to true satisfaction is only illuminated by your own lantern, as depicted by the card, and the journey maps itself one step at a time. Go slow, and only seek your own light.