Trains Collide In Sheikhupura, 31 Injured

Railways spokesperson has said that train operations are running smoothly in the Lahore division following the crash

Trains Collide In Sheikhupura, 31 Injured

In the most recent railway accident, two trains crashed on Sunday in the Sheikhupura area of Punjab, injuring at least 31 people.

Sources claim that a disaster occurred because a passenger train headed for Lahore from Mianwali was operating on the same track where a freight train was already present.

The train driver made every effort to prevent the collision but to no effect.

At least 31 passengers aboard the train were injured in the collision, according to the rescue workers. They stated that five wounded passengers had been sent to the hospital.

The railway officials said that rescue efforts were in progress at the scene of the accident and that an inquiry into the collision had been opened.

The Lahore division's train operations are now going without a hitch, according to a statement from a railway spokeswoman.

After the collision, the track was cleared about 7:30 a.m., the spokesperson continued.

The statement said that the Mianwali Express had also been sent and that everyone on board was safe.

Four railway employees, including train driver Imran Sarwar and his helper Muhammad Bilal, have been suspended, according to the spokesperson.

The statement stated that an inquiry committee headed by a deputy principal officer has been established and will present its findings on the occurrence in 24 hours.

The railway chairman said that legal action would be taken against individuals responsible for the event. No compromises will be made, according to Shahid Aziz, CEO of Railways.

It is important to note that a goods train's four bogies derailed a day earlier, close to the same railway station.