Such Gup

Such Gup

Another split

We are told that the attackers who mounted the assault on journalist Raza Rumi in Lahore last month have been caught and found to be members of a banned sectarian organization. Our mole reports that they’ve been apprehended through intelligence gathered from within. Apparently, on the heels of the rift between rival groups of the Taliban, there has been a split in this leading sectarian outfit. On the one hand is the group led my Mr Isaac, on the other is the one led by the gent from Ludhiana. This fissure dates back from the time of a stalwart’s murder, who was chief of the militant wing led by the Ludhiana gent.  Our mole reports that the tussle has been fueled by the government’s preference for Mr Isaac.

Free to choose

An eyewitness from the areas under the Taliban’s control reports that they are living under constant threat. “We are given three choices”, he told us, “the Taliban ask us for a daughter to marry, a son to fight or Rs 50,000 in cash as tribute. They tell us we are free to choose.”

One from the heart

Our mole reports that a recent khaki darbar was witness to an interesting interaction between the boys and their commander. This is said to have taken place in Sialkot. One man who had been critically wounded in an offensive against the Taliban raised his hand and asked a question. “I have suffered terrible wounds. My brother, also a soldier, was beheaded by the Taliban and they played football with his head. These are our sacrifices. Were they in vain? How can the government talk to the Taliban?” In the vernacular: “In darindon say hakoomat kaisay baat kar sakti hai?”