Army Can't Be Pressured By Propaganda, DG ISPR Responds To Question About Adil Raja

Army Can't Be Pressured By Propaganda, DG ISPR Responds To Question About Adil Raja
Pakistan Army reserves the right to take legal action against those involved in propaganda against its institutions and high-ups, the Inter-Services Public Relations Director-General said on Tuesday.

Maj-Gen Ahmed Sharif made the remarks as he responded to a journalist's query during the question-answer session following his presser today (April 25).

The journalist had asked Maj-Gen Sharif if the institutions would choose to remain silent to the attacks by an organised network of propagandists, amidst a lack of response from the government or the judiciary in this regard.

The reporter had referred to former army officer Adil Raja and journalists and YouTubers, Shaheen Sehbai, Wajahat S. Khan, Haider Mehdi, and a "long list of people linked together".

The DG ISPR added that some of the examples could be found from the past of legal action taken by the institution.

He made it clear that the armed forces of the country, just like any other army, can't be pressured through a false narrative.

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Maj-Gen Sharif said that the Constitution allows every citizen the right to speech, but that this right is bordered by a number of laws and restrictions.

“The talk on the social media and media about the army and its institutions and high-ups is not only irresponsible but also unwise and unconstitutional”.

He noted that some people were involved in the practice in a personal capacity but have personal or political motives.

While others “are pushing forward the agenda of foreign hostile agencies and functioning as their tools".

The DG ISPR made it clear that the training and discipline of the military doesn’t allow it to respond to every baseless allegation or analysis, neither the people would want their army to be put in a useless debate and be deviated from its operational responsibilities.

He, nonetheless, said that the army accords due importance to constructive criticism.