India, Pakistan, Afghanistan Should Normalise Relations Immediately: Achakzai

India, Pakistan, Afghanistan Should Normalise Relations Immediately: Achakzai
PISHIN: Improvement in Saudi Iran relations is a good omen, and India, Pakistan and Afghanistan should also follow suit. These views were expressed by chairman of Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (PkMAP) Mahmood Khan Achakzai while addressing a huge gathering which the party traditionally organizes on the tail end of every Eid.

"An improving relationship between Iran and Saudi Arabia will have positive political, social and economic impacts on our region, and largely on Middle East as well as on Muslim world. Besides it can reduce religious and sectarian extremism too", Achakzai maintained.

Mahmood Khan Achakzai urged India, Pakistan and Afghanistan to not waste any time and also initiate a move for normalising their bilateral relationships immediately. He further said that Afghanistan, Pakistan and their other neighbouring states should neither interfere in each other's affairs, and establish friendly relationship on the bases of peaceful coexistence, for the sake of welfare of their respective citizens.

Regarding the current political and economic crises in the country, Achakzai said that judges, generals and politicians all should follow and obey the constitution. "We would not allow any one, whether judge, general or politician, to impose their dictatorship, and we will resist judicial martial law in the same manner as they opposed the military one," Achakzai stated.

Achakzai also called upon the judges to administer justice as per the law and constitution, not on the basis of personal and political biases.

Achakzai mantained that no democratic mind person can oppose the elections. At the same time, he warned that without national consensus, holding elections in this charged and polarised political atmosphere can produce fatal results like the 1970’s elections.

"First, we should ensure that the constitution and parliament are supreme and make a machnism to ensure that in future no general or judge can dare to interfere in politics".

To ensure the meaningful representation of small provinces and protect their rights and interests, Mahmood Khan Achakzai demand equal status and power for the upper house. "The senate should also have the power to introduce a money bill like national assembly", Achakzai maintained. "In Balochistan, Pakhtun and Baloch should have equal representation and rights on the basis of fifty fifty formula," Achakzai proposed.

Regarding Afghanistan, Achakzai demanded the international community to immediately release the frozen assets of Afghanistan so as to mitigate the suffering of the Afghans. He called upon the Taliban to lift their ban on women education and respect human rights, but also warned that no one has the right to destabilise Afghanistan or threaten its integrity on the pretext of women's rights or human rights violations.

Besides, Mahmood Khan Achakzai also demanded that Pakistani authorities open the Pak-Afghan crossing points such as Chaman, Badinai, Qamardin, Kadanai, Ghazni, Khost, Torkham and Nawa Pass on the Durand Line, and establish custom houses to facilitate border trade. "In the prevailing economic hardships, joblessness, inflation and poverty in border regions, it will provide alternative livelihood opportunities to the local population which can also contribute to peace," Achakzai said.