Discredited 'International Rights Organisation' Disowns India Links

Discredited 'International Rights Organisation' Disowns India Links
The International Human Rights Foundation —  a self-anointed global organisation devoted to “defending, broadcasting and teaching” human rights exposed as an anti-Pakistan India-based propaganda front by Naya Daur -- Friday Times on Wednesday has presented a feeble 'clarification' on its activities.

In a couple of tweets posted in both: English and Urdu, the organisation claimed it had no ties to India. The organisation went on to allege that any such reports are essentially "fake news'. The foundation, unsurprisingly, failed to categorically debunk charges. Instead, its tweets simply go on to state, without proof, "that our best letter of introduction is our actions..."


What these actions amount to, Naya Daur-The Friday Times elucidated on Wednesday as aforementioned.

The IHRF, which employs practices synonymous with Indian propaganda outlets as outlined by the European Union Disinformation Lab, is actually incorporated as an Indian NGO. It is registered with the Registrar of Companies Mumbai. The organisation is incorporated with a Maharashtra address. Its status is listed as active. Smita Trushal Chawda and Trushal Harish Chawda are listed as foundation directors.

Repeated attempts by Naya Daur — The Friday Times to reach the aforementioned proved futile. The two boast no digital imprint. The Chawdas fail to feature on any major social networking site too.

The IHRF, which stands exposed as an India-based organisation masquerading as an international rights body, constitutes but one example of Indian machinations aimed at bringing Pakistan into disrepute. The EU Disinfo Lab, in 2020, uncovered a global network of pro-India fake websites and think-tanks. The network has been pushing anti-Pakistan agenda to influence decision-making in international institutions since 2005. It has been actively engaged in a disinformation campaign against Pakistan and has influenced the internal and external affairs of the UN member states. Due to this hate-speech and propaganda, Muslims in Pakistan, India, and Kashmir are endangered. State-sponsored fake news is thus considered a substantial security threat. It also challenges legal framework designed to maintain international peace and security.