Masses Protest Against Drugs In Tump’s Gomazi

Masses Protest Against Drugs In Tump’s Gomazi
In the ongoing week, Gomazi’s streets witnessed a pacing number enchanting slogans against the drug dealers of the society. Organised by Gomazi Civil Society (GCS), the protesting rally, after wandering the whole society, turned to the points where drugs were openly sold. They warned them for the final time to cease drug dealing or else things would go against them as a whole. The areas that protesters marched included Cheeri Bazaar, Tuki Bazaar and Sari Bazaar where drugs were being sold to the masses openly and without any administrative restrictions.
While addressing the crowd, the organisers said that drugs had ruined almost every home in Gomazi and the other connecting areas. Because drugs were commonly promoted. From children to young and old, everyone was affected in one or the other way with the use of drugs. It had ultimately raised the issue of out of school children along with the other correlating social issues.
They added that due to the excessive use of drugs, robbery had become a common practice in the area. A society, where robbery was deemed as one of the biggest threats and against the societal values, was deeply dug into the practice as a norm in the area. Days after days, people were to face an increasing number of robberies, including housebreaking in midnights and killing people in their homes. The incident of Kulsoom Baloch is one such example who was killed at her home in midnight in front of her four children by robbers.

While facing the audience, the civil society leaders said that it was a misfortune for them as a society that only three to four families had been destroying more than five hundred families of around fifty thousand population. “It is high time we showed them we are fed up with their unhealthy practice which has not been destructing our today’s generation only, but is a threat to the coming generations,” they said. In fact, drugs have already threatened the generations to come.

Unfortunately, the drug dealers were no others but people from their own. They belong to the same region from ages. What had pushed them more towards selling drugs was the their greed to earn more money in less efforts. Observing this, the organisers said that due to the material benefits of only few families, keeping the lives of hundreds of families at stake was never acceptable and against humanity. “In case of selling of drugs further, we will bring every legal action against all the drug dealers,” they warned the drug dealers, adding that if the administration strained from taking action against them, they would do all that by themselves.

Maintaining its religious significance, the organisers have asked the religious scholars of the area to address the people against drugs and the drug dealers from loud speakers of the mosques. Because religion was considered very sacred for the people and when the religious scholars preached against drugs and drug dealing, the movement was likely to get a tighter push towards the culmination of the drugs.

To mention here, drugs have become a common practice in Tump tehsil of district Kech where a large number of people have been affected with drug addiction. Gomazi is one of the towns of Tump where the locals resisted the drug dealers. They grieve that instead of stopping the spread of drugs, the law enforcement agencies and administration took bribes from drug dealers and permitted them to sell drugs openly.

The writer studies Law at University Law College Quetta and tweets at @Alijanmaqsood12