TikTok Documents A Pakistan Ravaged By Floods

TikTok Documents A Pakistan Ravaged By Floods
TikTok users have been sharing hair-raising visuals from the devastating floods wreaking havoc in Balochistan, Sindh and Punjab.

The scale of devastation being witnessed nationwide is difficult to express in words. A Twitter user shared a thread of TikToks documenting the state of various parts of the country that have been hit by extreme floods. The thread, altogether, presents a stark reminder of the challenge posed by climate change to the world in general and Pakistan in particular.


One video shows footage from a passenger travelling on the Shalimar Express recounting how the train had to traverse tracks completely submerged in water.


The videos showed cities completely submerged in water, people wading in water as high as their chests, cars off-roaded and roads swept away. People can be seen huddled under makeshift straw canopies for shelter.


One video from Sindh showed an old man carrying a charpoy over his head accompanied by two other individuals carrying goats on their shoulder.


Pakistan has been facing a pressing challenge in the form of severe floods. Over 900 people have have lost their lives due to floods and heavy rainfall since June. Homes in the tens of thousands have been destroyed. Incessant rain and floods have swept 3,000 kilometres of roads separately.