Ranipur Mansion Incident: Minor Victim's Mother Wants Another Suspect Included In FIR

Victim's family, police suggest they are facing 'extreme pressure' from suspect's family

Ranipur Mansion Incident: Minor Victim's Mother Wants Another Suspect Included In FIR

The mother of nine-year-old child maid Fatima Farriro, who was found dead under mysterious circumstances at the mansion of an influential religious personality in Ranipur, Sindh, earlier in the month, has sought the inclusion of another suspect in the case.

Meanwhile, police say they have included the names of 43 suspects in the case.

Speaking to the media, she said that her family had moved an application urging the court to include as suspect Fayyaz Ali Shah, the father-in-law of the prime suspect Pir Asad Shah, in the case.

She said Shah's family had approached her and asked for her daughter to be sent to the mansion. In exchange, she would be provided with every facility.

"I handed over my daughter to Fayaz Shah. He is the real culprit who deceived us," she claimed.

The victim's mother reiterated the suggestion that they were being pressured into withdrawing the case, asserting that they would not relent. 

Dozens booked

Meanwhile, the Ranipur police said they had booked 43 followers of Pir Asad Shah in the case.

Those whose names have been added include Ali Hassan Mallah, the administrator of the famous shrine of Ranipur, an assistant of Pir Asad Shah, and two of his alleged accomplices.

The police also booked two other notables in the area who were allegedly involved in gathering locals and inciting them to launch a violent movement against local police and journalists. 

Meanwhile, Sindh Inspector General of Police Rifat Mukhtar also suggested that his department was under 'extreme pressure'. Despite that, he said that they would not leave any stone unturned in arresting all the suspects involved in the brutal murder of Fatima. 

The child maid's body was earlier exhumed on court orders after she was buried without an autopsy and a fake medical certificate. 

The subsequent post-mortem of her body found torture marks and marks of being raped and sodomised. Police suspect that the victim suffered the offenses multiple times during her year-long stay at the mansion.

The author is a practicing lawyer and freelance journalist. His areas of interest are cultural diversity and socio-political issues of Sindh.