Vive la resistance!

That was the slogan in World War II of the French Resistance to the Nazis. And it may be stretching it to connect this phrase to what The Great Khan is doing but he seems to have realised that he’s got “them” where he wants them. He’s making many of his own decisions now – and saying no to theirs. A case in point is the recent elevation of The Sheikh of Lal Haveli to the second most important ministry after the premiership. We hear The Boyz were supportive of the candidature of PK of KP, but The Khan wouldn’t hear of it.

It is said that he went along for a bit and then pulled the Sheikh out of his hat. The Boyz couldn’t do a thing about it – hor choopo, as they say in the Punjab!

Joke of the week

A country yokel came to town, in the pre-Corona days, and went to a restaurant with a friend. A waitress came to take their order. “May I have a quickie, please?” asked the country yokel. He got a slap on the face in response, naturally, and looked blankly at his friend. The friend patiently explained, “It’s a quiche you want, Tim, not a quickie!”

A big zero

A group of Emirati businessmen called on the high and mighty, to reassure themselves before making substantial investments in the Land of the Pure. They got the usual spiel on how all is well and getting better. The businessmen asked about inflation and were told that it was coming down. They asked about low growth rates and were told they were on the rise. They asked about government incompetence and were told it was opposition propaganda. Then they had a sumptuous tea and exchanged pleasantries.

The leader of the pack met a friend after it was all over. The friend asked, “So! How many millions are you going to invest in Pakistan?” “None”, said the businessman. “Zero”.

Saints & sinners

While the government congratulates itself on having split the opposition, it should worry about its own warring factions. We hear a group of legislators has ganged up to complain about the leading Saint in the City of Saints. Their complaints fell on fertile ground and The Great Khan’s appointee did not give the Saint’s messenger the time of day.