Exclusive: Reko Diq, A Silent Game

Exclusive: Reko Diq, A Silent Game
The ongoing insurgency in Balochistan has been going on for more than two decades against the unfair distribution of resources and federal occupation, such unconstitutional measures can further fuel the ongoing unrest, turmoil in Balochistan. There is a need to understand Balochistan's conflict, instead of removing it, it is being fueled more. Protecting the coastal and resources of Balochistan is considered the duty of every Baloch.

The Balochistan Assembly passed the Reko-diq Resolution at a time when Balochistan had a weak government and weak governance with the support of a friendly opposition. It was a silent and hidden compromise. Because the Provincial Minister Asadullah Baloch himself has admitted on the assembly floor that the opposition was aware of this whole situation.

There are two important issues in Balochistan at the moment, one is the insurgency that has been going on for two decades, whose position is clear and their narrative is that while living here within the federation, the Baloch cannot defend their coasts, nor can they improve their backwardness and survival. It is possible.

The second school of thought of the political and democratic leadership here is that they will fight for their rights while living within the federation. Now, while staying within the federation, his position has become weak, as he adopted the narrative of fighting the case of Balochistan and the coasts, because in the presence of the nationalist political parties, the Reko-Diq deal was made and the parties in the assembly themselves have come out on the streets, if this is the case with the federation. How can those who set inside go to the public and say that they are fighting for their case inside the assemblies.

In this regard, the former Chief Minister of Balochistan and President of the National Party, Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch, while holding a press conference in Turbat on 16 December, said that Reko-Diq was given to the federal government in an unconstitutional and illegal manner, which he condemned and condemned by his party. He has called for protests across Balochistan. He said that he would discuss further alliances with Pakistan Democratic Moment (PDM) in his central committee meeting, which is continuing today, and it is expected that they will send a proper message to PDM central leadership through their Central Committee on the Reko-Diq issue. Similarly, the (BNP) present in the assembly also gave a call for protest.

Such actions will create more hatred among the people of Balochistan. The legitimate demands of the people of a province like Balochistan have to be recognized otherwise such actions may lead to further intensity of the conflict in Balochistan. The political leadership of Balochistan has been insisting for several decades that Baloch should have the first right to the resources of Balochistan.

Gohram Aslam Baloch, Balochistan based writer, covering Balochistan Soci-political and its confilict. Tweets: @GohramAslamB