Who Is Going To Tell The Politicians Enough Is Enough?

Who Is Going To Tell The Politicians Enough Is Enough?
Since the vote of no confidence that has successfully overthrown the government of Imran Khan, the country has been in doldrums, mired in political and economic crisis, not because of Government but because of the apposition. But it does not make difference for people who is responsible for beleaguered economy of Pakistan as they are not interested in blame game, political gimmicks and other tactics used to lure public, however, they are increasingly interested in their standard of lives that is further deteriorated as a result of rising inflation, unemployment and regression in every sector of the state, making the country ungovernable.

Rather than solving the issues of public, our political elite is engaged in poorly organised tactics to snatch power from one another. The circus in Punjab has reached its climax as both the government and apposition have locked horns, taking the political crisis to the courts. In this way, they have politicised the courts and set the precedent that from now on the Punjab would be controlled by the courts. The Chief Minister has to have the approval from the courts if he wants to run the province, meaning thereby that votes have been relegated to nothing. In other words, people of Punjab make no sense as our politicians increasingly think that the power now flows from courts. What a setback to the democracy of Pakistan at its largest province.

The situation in KKP is even more volatile for the fact that it does not know whether its assembly’s times is over or not as its members have been waiting for Khan to take decision of dissolution. In waiting for such a move, the whole province has come to halt, as the government is non-existent, while people have been dying amid the attacks from TPP. At this critical juncture, the government is expected to be more proactive in governing the province; but, alas, that is not the case, thanks to Khan for bringing Pakistan to this level where the state’s writ is melting away, paving the path for violent forces to take control of the peripheries.

Moreover, the situation of Islamabad’s government reflects the same malaise as it has been waiting for Khan’s move so that it can halt the process of dissolution of assemblies. Thus, it is not running the center of the country, focusing on Punjab. For PMLN, the center makes no sense if it does not have control in Punjab, meaning thereby that all the country is suffering from political chaos from center to the peripheries, again thanks to Imran Khan for bringing Pakistan to the point of no return.

While the whole Pakistan is rudderless of its direction, the economy is weakening by the day as dollar is making progress against it amid rising inflationary trends. The balance of payment crisis is deepening, leading to the smuggling of dollars more and more, as rich people are busy hoarding from the economic crisis of the country. Seemingly, the chaos is making the rich richer, the poor poorer. Such is the current scenario of our country.

Coupled with all of this, the population of the country is rising and has arguably crossed 230 million. Millions of children are out of school. Almost 80percent of the graduates of the country are jobless, leading to frustration and increasing crime rate in the country- where blood has been cheap but water has been expensive. What is more interesting is that Pakistan is fast becoming ungovernable, yet, our political lot are relentless in want of ruling the whole country, and for that, they are seeking power fighting within courts sometime and sometime over the media for no reason.

From Imran Khan to Nawaz Sharif to Zardari, all are responsible for where Pakistan has reached today as they have been cutting deals with undemocratic forces on and off, disrespecting people and their votes. All of them are responsible including those who are writing the script of one hybrid rule to another, knowing well that all of them will fail, making people’s lives miserable.

Conclusively, it is time to give shut up call to all politicians as they are not the people who can be trusted anymore as they have found a new penchant to achieve power via courts, giving a secondary value to the people and their votes. If Pakistani people want to have a good life, they must say it out loud that “enough is enough.”





The writer is a freelance columnist. He tweets at @Shahzai02364040. He can be reached at They6776@gmail.com