Pakistani Students Stranded In Ukraine Told To Reach Ternopil For Evacuation

Pakistani Students Stranded In Ukraine Told To Reach Ternopil For Evacuation
The Foreign Office has directed all Pakistani students in Ukraine to head to Ternopil as soon possible for evacuation as Russia moves ahead with its invasion of Ukraine.

The Embassy of Pakistan in Ukraine released a statement advising that the embassy had shifted to Ternopil in western Ukraine, in the wake of the Russian attack on the capital city.

"The capital city, Kyiv, is under attack and Ambassador Dr. Noel I. Khokhar has advised all students to follow the guidelines so that they may be transported to Ternopil for onward evacuation," the statement read.

The Embassy reported it had already gathered 35 Pakistani students who would be evacuated shortly.  As of Friday afternoon, airspace over Ukraine remained closed to civilian flights. In the meantime, students were being evacuated to Poland, it was reported in Dawn.

As of Friday afternoon, the Embassy was working through the Honorary Education Consultant in Ukraine to facilitate and arrange transportation for students to western Ukraine.

Students in Ukraine were advised to call one of two focal persons for assistance: Dr Shahzad Najam (+380632288874, +380979335992) for assistance travelling to Ternopil and Trade and Investment Counsellor Zahid (+48668059876) for assistance with crossing the border into Poland.

According to a statement released by the Pakistani Ambassador to Ukraine, 1,500 Pakistanis, including 500 students, were residing in Ukraine at the time of Russia's attack. These Pakistanis make up a fraction of the estimated 100,000 people who have been forced to flee the shelling and gunfire from Russian troops.