'Thanks Pfizer' Tweet Gets Woman Roasted On Internet

'Thanks Pfizer' Tweet Gets Woman Roasted On Internet
A woman posted a video of her having muscle spasms back in May 2022, and blamed the Pfizer vaccine for them, captioning the video 'Thanks Pfizer'.

Little did she know that this could get her trolled for days in a few months time. The video has gone viral on social media recently, with netizens making funny and often rude remarks at the original poster.


Angelia Desselle claims to be an advocate for people who were "adversely affected" by the COVID vaccine jabs. She posted a video of herself, apparently showing her legs in a spasm, as she blamed the Pfizer vaccine.


One tweep pointed out that while the woman in the camera was having a 'spasm' (and not the time of her life), the camera from which the video was shot remained as stable as a painter's hand throughout the length of the video.


Ricky Chu couldn't help but ask if the body was really reacting to the Thanks Pfizer jab or there was some other 'tool' making it shake like jelly.


Sean Kent decided to go with the hold no punches approach however and said what everyone wanted to say. Grossed out? Not really!


Someone posted this Andrew Tate video saying the vaccine could affect different people in different ways. Don't worry. The guy's being sarcastic.