Israel Mocks ICJ With Fresh Rafah Strikes

The attack comes after the global court had ordered Israel to immediately halt all hostilities in the Gaza Strip

Israel Mocks ICJ With Fresh Rafah Strikes

A day after the International Court of Justice ordered Israel to halt its ongoing military operation in the border governorate of Rafah and reopen the border with Egypt to allow aid to flow in, Israel launched a fresh wave of bombings across the narrow Gaza Strip, including Rafah.

On Saturday, Israel launched a fresh assault on the Gaza Strip, bombing various locations across the Palestinian territory, including Rafah. 

It was not immediately clear what Israel had bombed or the number of casualties.

Meanwhile, Hamas and its military wing, the Al Qassam Brigades continued to put out statements taking responsibility for guerilla attacks on Israeli forces across the Gaza Strip.

'Immediately halt' operations

On Friday, the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the top United Nations court, directed Israel to "immediately halt" its military offensive in the southern Gaza city of Rafah and to open the nearby border crossing for crucial humanitarian aid to crossover.

The top United Nations court also said Israel must give war crimes investigators access to Gaza.

The court, however, stopped short of ordering a full cease-fire across the Palestinian territories.

South Africa, which took Israel to court for violating international laws of violence, accused Tel Aviv of committing genocide against the Palestinians during the Gaza war, which Israel vehemently denies.

At least 35,857 Palestinians have been killed and 79,990 wounded in Israel's war in Gaza. 

Israel threatens to cut off Palestinian banks

In retaliation to the ICJ order, Israel has threatened to cut correspondence with Palestinian banks.

Banks are the only way for Palestinians, who are forced to buy everything from Israel, including essentials such as electricity and water, for a whopping $8 billion, to earn money and connect with the outside world. All other transactions are also routed through Israel. All exports of Palestine are also routed through Israel and are worth around $2 billion.

In response to Israel's threat, the finance leaders of the G7 urged Israel to maintain correspondent banking links between Israel and Palestine.

They also called on Israel to release withheld clearance revenues to the Palestinian Authority.

Students arrested at Oxford

Earlier on Friday in England, police arrested at least 16 people for suspected aggravated trespass after the individuals organised a pro-Palestine protest at more than a dozen universities in the UK, including Oxford University.

In Oxford, the arrests came after students entered a university administrative building on Thursday morning, claiming they had "exhausted all other avenues of communication" with administrators.

The university's union, which represents academics, lecturers and staff, condemned "bringing in police to violently arrest" students who were "engaged in peaceful protest".