Sheikh Rasheed Terms Pakistan's Cricket Win A 'Victory Of Islam', Receives Flak

Sheikh Rasheed Terms Pakistan's Cricket Win A 'Victory Of Islam', Receives Flak
Federal Ministers Asad Umar and Sheikh Rasheed are being criticised on social media for practicing jingoism over Pakistan's victory against India in International Cricket Council (ICC) World Cup on Sunday.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed, in a video message, said that Pakistan's win over India was 'a victory of Islam'. He went on to congratulate 'Muslims around the globe'.

The minister's remarks have been termed jingoistic by social media users in Pakistan who are of the opinion that the country should display humility instead of spewing hatred after the historic victory. They lamented that such remarks were issued by the ministers despite the fact that players from both Pakistan and India displayed sportsmanship and Indian captain Virat Kohli accepted that Pakistan outplayed the Indian team.

Some Twitter users commented that the minister is habitual of pulling out the religion card even in matters not linked to Islam.

Others wondered why Rasheed could not celebrate the victory like other Pakistanis and show his excitement to the world instead of displaying jingoism.

Twitterati also noted that Sheikh Rasheed's remarks will fuel the fire and enable further hatred against Muslims in India (including a Muslim player, Mohammad Shami) who have been at the receiving end of Hindutva terror.

Earlier,  Minister for Planning and Development Asad Umar also posted a hateful tweet saying, "First we beat them up (Indians), and when they fall on the ground, we offer them tea."

Asad Umar's tweet was also criticised by social media users who asked him to stop muscle flexing.