Arab-Israeli Actor Maisa Abdel Hadi Detained Over Social Media Post In Israel

‘The Arab-Israeli actress is among several others arrested over social media posts highlighting the catastrophe of Israeli brutality’

Arab-Israeli Actor Maisa Abdel Hadi Detained Over Social Media Post In Israel

Renowned Arab Israeli actor Maisa Abdel Hadi has been detained by the Israeli police for her social media post endorsing the Palestinian resistance group Hamas for their illegal crossing of Israel's borders during their unannounced attack on the country on October 7.

Authorities detained a Nazareth-based actress and network influencer on suspicion of using hate speech and praising terror, according to a statement they released without disclosing her identity.

"The police fight against incitement and support for terrorism continues all the time," added the statement.

Maisa Abdel Hadi shared images of Yaffa Adar, an 85-year-old prisoner, along with smiling emojis. She also shared a video of Hamas soldiers breaking over Israel's security barrier.

Ofer Shechter, her co-star, criticized her tweet, stating, "I'm ashamed of you." You ought to be embarrassed of yourself. You perform and feature in our TV series and films; you live in Nazareth; and then you stab us in the back."

The actor, who is Arab-Israeli, was detained along with a number of other people for posting on social media about the horrors of Israeli violence.

This week, Arab Israeli singer Dalal Abu Amneh was also briefly detained due to a social media remark she made.

Rights activists and Israeli police said that since the beginning of Israel's conflict with Hamas, members of the Arab minority in Israel and Palestinians living in east Jerusalem have been imprisoned, dismissed, and expelled from universities for their statements showing support for the people of Gaza.

More than 5,000 Palestinians have reportedly died as a result of Israel's attacks on the coastal region, according to the Hamas administration in Gaza.

It is a highly populated area of Palestine, and several humanitarian groups have repeatedly expressed alarm about an impending public health catastrophe.

The 45-kilometer-long Gaza Strip's northern half was ordered to relocate south by Israel, but the enclave's areas have been destroyed by its bombings.

All hospitals are running low on gasoline to run their generators, which means that vital equipment, such as neonatal incubators, might cease working.

Amidst heightened strain on the system due to relocation and shelling, forty medical centers have ceased operations, according to the Health Ministry, which is managed by Hamas.