Package Sent To Zahir Jaffer By US Embassy Returned By Adiala Jail Administration

A package sent by the United States embassy, allegedly containing books, perfumes, clothes and toiletries for Zahir Jaffer, the alleged killer of Noor Mukadam, has been returned by Adiala Jail authorities.

Adiala Jail Superintendent Arshad Warraich told newsmen that the US Embassy had sent a courier for Zahir Jaffer but the administration returned the courier.

He said a letter was also written to the embassy by the jail administration send any materials for US incarcerated US citizens facing murder charges via the Ministry of Interior.

“The parcel was returned by the jail authorities last Saturday,” he said.

The US embassy in Islamabad, in a series of Tweets, also indirectly acknowledged sending the parcel to Zahir.

“U.S. embassies and consulates abroad are required by U.S. and international law to provide assistance to American citizens (USCITs) who are incarcerated or detained abroad, regardless of the charges against them,” said a tweet posted on Friday.


“When a USCIT is detained overseas, we work to provide all appropriate consular assistance,” the embassy further clarified. “Consular assistance may include visiting arrested USCITs in prison to ensure proper treatment. It includes verification that they have a diet that meets subsistence levels, have adequate medical attention and clothing, and provides reference materials of U.S. origin. As a USCIT, your passport won’t help you avoid arrest or conviction.”