'Cornered Judiciary Now Wants Martial Law In Pakistan'

'Cornered Judiciary Now Wants Martial Law In Pakistan'
The judiciary stands cornered now and the only way that it sees itself out of its predicament is via martial law in the country, says Muzamal Suharwardy.

Referring to the audio leak allegedly featuring the top judge's mother-in-law, the analyst told Khabar Say Aagay host Raza Rumi that the notion of the SC judges being under pressure from their families stands confirmed.

On DG ISPR Maj-Gen Ahmed Sharif's presser today, he said it points at the rift between the military and PTI. The remarks on the use of social media against army was in condemnation of the party's campaign.

Addressing reporters today, Maj-Gen Sharif said Army reserved the right to take legal action against those involved in propaganda against its institutions and high-ups.

He made these remarks while responding to a journalist during the question-answer session of the presser.

The analyst added, "DG ISPR's statement also endorsed the government's stance on provision of security for elections, while the judiciary was conveyed that the army isn't behind the facilitation to the PTI chief".

Aijaz Ahmed said that the presser sent out messages to the judiciary, ECP, Imran, foreign institutions as well as terrorists.

He added that Maj-Gen Ahmed Sharif has made it clear that the military has a constitutional connection with the government and its future actions will be as per Constitution.

The DG also conveyed that it follows the directives of the government and so they shouldn't be directly asked for providing security for the polls.

Ahmed further said that it was conveyed that the military doesn't want to intervene in a political matter.

Analyst Murtaza Solangi said that there seem to be no chances of a clash of interests between the PPP and the 'revived' MQM in the future.

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