Twitter Trolls Shahroz Sabzwari For Giving 'Islamic Touch' To Inflation

Twitter Trolls Shahroz Sabzwari For Giving 'Islamic Touch' To Inflation
Actor Shahroz Sabzwari created a stir on Wednesday by suggesting a link between skyrocketing inflation and the 'patience' to bear its disastrous effects.

Shahroz was asked for his comments on the country's economic situation and how it is affecting the commoners, on the Express Entertainment show.

"The inflation is on the rise, but if we can be patient in everything, then it will feel as if it is nothing," he said, adding, "[though] people might think that I'm comfortably saying so because I'm on TV."

When the anchor intervened and said that the inflation is affecting everyone, Shahroz said, "[Not if you have the power of being content and grateful to the Almighty in every situation"

He went on to add that, "You get what you are destined to receive anyways; whatever Allah has destined for you."

Soon after, many took to Twitter to remind the actor of how severe the issue was and how it is affecting the commoners.

Inflation in Pakistan is causing devastating results, even as the country has not fully recovered from the catastrophic flood that hit last year.

According to a analysis, Pakistanis are struggling to put food on the table. Where our neighbour India has only recently launched 36 satellites for OneWeb’s broadband constellation, we lost 11 lives on the last day of March due to a stampede at a Ramzan food distribution location.

Hundreds of people gather at food distribution centres where they get free flour from the government, which has demonstrated an unwillingness to fully address the underlying structural issues plaguing the economy.

The government recently launched the flour distribution initiative to help low-income people survive what is now the worst economic crisis that Pakistan has seen since 1965.

A lot of families are forced to sleep on an empty stomach, as Pakistan’s consumer price index (CPI) jumped 31.5% in February, with March inflation topping out at a whopping 35.37%.