Such Gup

Such Gup

Growing unease

There’s growing unease amongst the lotas in The Great Khan’s horde. Many are turncoats from other parties; old warhorses who have skeletons in their cupboards and who know that tomorrow always comes. They’ve tried to caution The Khan not to be so personally vindictive viz the opposition. But The Khan is adamant. He will have his pound of flesh. The Lotas are worried that when tomorrow comes, it will be toxic and there will be so much vendetta in the air that many who are now in The Khan’s ranks, will pay the price.

Shut up call

Our mole in the cupboard (read synonym) says one poor min got what can only be described as a “shut up call” from The Great Khan when he took issue (ever so slightly) with one of his pronouncements. Apparently, he actually said, “Oh just shut up!” to the min and the entire cupboard’s consternation. We’ve also heard that the poor min had a health episode after this.

Calling them out

What a sight it was to see The Man of Steel’s son-in-law calling out the servile media at his press conference. He went and stood at the dais, with an array of mics in front of him, all emblazoned with the respective TV channels’ logos. He called out each name, “this, that and the other channel! Why are you here if you’re not going to be allowed to air this presser? Take these away. I refuse to talk to an enslaved media!” Amazingly, the hall full of media people erupted with thunderous applause.