SUCH GUP: Deleted Tweet

SUCH GUP: Deleted Tweet

Deleted Tweet

So, when The Great Khan’s First Lady (as in the first of three) tweeted that her sons and her adopted daughter had celebrated “Father Figures’ Day” instead of Father’s Day, all hell broke loose. The First Lady was inundated with whining messages asking her to remove the Tweets. She had implied that in the absence of their biological father, her brother and the kids’ uncle had stepped in to fill the gap. A clear rebuke to The Great Khan in whose narcissistic world there is no one other than himself. It was in fact, a public rebuke which he couldn’t take. Hence the entreaties to delete the Tweets. Finally, the First Lady obliged, but only in as much as she deleted the ones related to The Khan’s sons. She kept the one about the daughter he does not acknowledge. By all accounts, she is said to be a wonderful young woman who lives and works in New York, and is very attached to her brothers. Kudos for this to The Khan’s First Lady who wholeheartedly adopted his daughter.

Hornets nest

Three or four one on one meetings over the last few weeks have stirred up the proverbial hornets nest. Our mole reports that F met No 1 repeatedly and privately and nobody was privy to their conversation. On the face of it, it was about the impossible deals they’re supposed to have done with the Taliban — about which the government of the day knows nothing. Naturally. But rumour has it, the real talk was about how to mollify/control The Great Khan and the hysteria he has unleashed against No 1. Our mole also reports that there is resentment in F’s former HQ about his continued role and there are mutterings about how the Taliban deal will be yet another disaster, in continuation of the long line of “peace deal” failures undertaken by our great and glorious khaki rulers. For his part, F maintains that he has always followed orders.

Swanning around

A couple of imports from the Bretton Woods institutions were swanning around Islamabad and Karachi recently, flashing their CVs again. Lest we forget, they also rendered their services to The Great Khan, at The Boyz’s insistence but were put out to pasture when the new government came in. Taking advantage of the swirl of uncertainty, they began talking up their “indispensability” again, as members of a caretaker government. We hear they have since returned to their foreign perches. A pointer to this government’s longevity.