Imran's Mental Stability 'Questionable' As Per Medical Report: Qadir Patel

Imran's Mental Stability 'Questionable' As Per Medical Report: Qadir Patel
The mental stability of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan was declared questionable in the medical report of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), Health Minister Qadir Patel said on Friday.

Addressing a presser, the minister said that the former premier's report was issued after he was arrested in connection with the Al-Qadir Trust case earlier this month.

"The report says that when we spoke to Imran for a considerable time, his actions were not that of a fit man."

The minister went on to add that Imran's urine samples, taken after the arrest, had detected "massive use of alcohol and cocaine".

"There were toxic elements found in the urine, but this is an initial report; details of the exact volume of these elements can be ascertained through the final report," he maintained.

According to the minister, the report was issued by a panel of five senior medical practitioners.

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Calling the PTI chief a "narcissist", Patel said he insists on his lies and calls them the truth. "This narcissist has been inciting people and has the youth on the wrong path."

He also accused Imran of "destroying a culture of politeness in national politics, respect and tolerance."

"Is there any social fabric that this party isn't responsible of destroying?" the minister asked.

He insisted that the report will be shown to the public, stressing it was a now "public document".

Patel also announced on the occasion to approach the disciplinary committee of Pakistan Medical and Dental Council, who, he said, declared the former premier's leg fractured.

Seven people, including PTI chairman and other party leaders, were injured and a party worker was killed in a gun attack on as his convoy in Wazirabad in November last year.