Chief Of General Staff Lt. Gen. Azhar Abbas Seeks Early Retirement

Chief Of General Staff Lt. Gen. Azhar Abbas Seeks Early Retirement
The army's Chief of General Staff (CGS) Lieutenant General Azhar Abbas is reportedly seeking early retirement from the military, according to confirmation given by his family and friends.

The news was confirmed by his younger brother, London-based Barrister Dr Mazhar Ilahi, on Friday, who told Geo News that General Azhar Abbas was indeed seeking early retirement.

"I confirm that Lt Gen Azhar Abbas has sought earlier retirement to maintain his grace, honour and dignity as a decorated officer of Pakistan Army," he said.

Another family source said, "Known for his professionalism, farsightedness and leadership, Lt Gen Azhar Abbas has decided to bid farewell, seeking early retirement — true to his personality."

After November 27, Abbas will become the second most senior official in the Pak Army. Sources also said, "The institution and this nation would miss him. He served and commanded troops from Line of Control (LoC) to Waziristan, from Balochistan to Northern areas in his career spanned over 40 years."

He was appointed CGS on September 2021, a post for which he replaced General Sahir Shamshad Mirza who was appointed Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee on Thursday.

Abbas was commissioned in the 41st Battalion of Baloch Regiment. Previously, he served as Commandant School of Infantry and Tactics in Quetta, headed a division in Murree, worked as a Brigadier in the Operations Directorate, and was also a Private Secretary to the former Chief of Army Staff, General Raheel Sharif.