Drumming Up Support

Drumming Up Support
On a balmy Friday evening on the 23rd of September, the COLABS flagship in Gulberg, Lahore, resonated with the beat of over 100 drums!

Led by the well-known multi-percussion band, Quadrum, scores of people came together to raise funds for Pakistan's flood affectees. Featuring two back-to-back drumming rounds, everyone got a chance to play their heart out. With sumptuous catering by Lettus Kitchens and Fruit Rush, the Drum Circle for Flood Relief was a roaring success.

Quadrum is Pakistan's first and only multi-percussion band. Drumming its way into the hearts of its fans since 2010, the band features four talented individuals, Atif Saeed, Daud Randle, Saad Sarfraz and Umer Saud.

Quadrum is loud, electrifying and bursting with energy, with over a decade of power-packed performances behind them. They have played at thousands of live concerts and festivals across Pakistan and abroad. They are the pioneers of drum circles in Pakistan and leaders in the corporate sector for team-building and entertainment exercises, in addition to their live instrumental performances.

All funds generated from the event go towards the local, community-driven non-profit, Madat Balochistan, which has been actively working on the ground for Pakistan's flood victims.

“Madat Balochistan has evolved out of a grassroots effort to combat the devastation caused by Pakistan’s cataclysmic floods in 2022. What started as an attempt to help the flood affectees of Jaffarabad has now turned into a nationwide network of volunteers and facilitators. We have been able to serve 16000+ meals, provide 1200+ ration bags, 500+ tents, and have set up 10 medical camps across the province,” states Maryam Jamali, the Co-founder of Madat Balochistan.

“With the help of COLABS and Quadrum we will be able to expand our medical relief by purchasing life-saving medicine for flood affectees in Manjhoti, Jaffarabad and Saeedabad, Sohbatpur. We are incredibly grateful to Mehreen Rana of Origami for helping us set this up, COLABS for hosting the event, and Quadrum for performing. Thank you for helping my community!”

Speaking with Nadir Ali, the Head of Marketing at COLABS, he stated that the event exceeded his expectations in terms of turnout and donations raised.

"I truly cherish that feeling of everything coming together like it did at our Drum Circle for Flood relief," he said. "Not only were we able to raise over Rs. 200,000 for our flood affected brethren, but the entire COLABS community came together to support the cause and also have a good time while doing so."

"There's just something exhilarating about taking a musical approach for a good cause. It was an electrifying and therapeutic performance that boosted my mood instantly. I could've done it all day,” stated an attendee, Basma Irfan.