Victoria Beckham Reveals The Moment She Met David And Fell For Him

In the Netflix documentary Victoria Beckham shares details about her relationship with David and how they made it work despite hurdles.

Victoria Beckham Reveals The Moment She Met David And Fell For Him

In the highly anticipated Netflix documentary ‘Beckham’ Victoria Beckham talks candidly about the first time she met David Beckham and shares her first impression.

The documentary details the former England international's rise from 'humble working-class beginnings' up to his time at Manchester United, Real Madrid but there is a large element of his relationship with his wife Victoria Beckha,/

The Spice Girl and the former footballer, 48, met at a charity football match in 1997.

 “The fact I went to the games really was to - some might say I stalked him, I would say see him. When I saw him in the footballers' lounge, all the other footballers were at the bar, and he was standing and talking to his parents, and I'm very close to my family, and I loved that side to him. I just fancied him, it was as simple as that,” said Victoria who is seen on a sofa wearing a crisp, white shirt. 

David on the other hand has spoken openly about how when he saw Victoria in a Spice Girls music video had decided she was the one for him. 

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing. David’s mother Sandra had had concerns about his career when he showed an interest in Victoria. 

In the documentary Sandra can be seen expressing how worried she was that David would get side-tracked from his football career at Manchester United.

“We'd were worried he would lose everything he worked for because football had always come first and then all of a sudden it wasn't,” says Sandra.

Concern didn’t just come from David’s mother but also from his manager Sir Alex Ferguson and Victoria’s manager who told her to keep it under wraps. 

From keeping the relationship on the low to meeting in car parks the two eventually got married in a much publicised wedding complete with thrones and British pop culture history was made with the two entrenched in their home dubbed ‘Beckingham Palace.’

Today, after 24 years of marriage, the two share four children - sons Brooklyn, 24, Romeo, 21, Cruz, 18, and a daughter Harper, 12.