'Military Takeover At This Time Seems Far-Fetched, Not Impossible'

'Military Takeover At This Time Seems Far-Fetched, Not Impossible'
Former prime minister and PTI chairman Imran Khan's influence is finding roots in the establishment and affecting their decision-making.

A takeover will not win the military praise like it did in the past. The people are politically active now and social media is a reality, forcing the establishment to stay neutral.

In this scenario, a military takeover seems a far-fetched idea, but it isn't impossible, political scientist Dr. Mohammad Waseem told Khabar Say Aagay hosts Raza Rumi and Murtaza Solangi, on Wednesday.

Dr Waseem termed the prevailing situation extraordinary, with the Parliament and judiciary playing their cards in swift moves.

The judiciary currently represents the society's middle class, whereas the establishment is with the other side.

The courts have been sending premiers home to change the regime, but this time, they have Parliament standing in their way.

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Populist leaders, he added, step outside the Constitution; they don't care about the rules as they aren't a product of the system.

While bad governance was linked with Imran's rule, the term is now used to refer to the PML-N rule, too, especially in terms of economy.

Earlier today, the roster for Bench 1 of the Supreme Court was changed due to the “indisposition” of CJ Bandial before the Wednesday deadline set by the court for political parties to agree on a new date for elections in Punjab.

All cases before the CJ’s bench were delisted along with it. The SC registrar delisted the cases but did not state any reason in the notification.

The top court had earlier urged all political parties to quickly come to an agreement on a date for holding concurrent general elections for the National Assembly and the four provincial assemblies; otherwise, the court warned, its order regarding the Punjab Assembly elections on May 14 would take effect.

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