Sri Lanka Denies Offering Elephants To Pakistan

Sri Lanka Denies Offering Elephants To Pakistan
The Sri Lankan High Commission in Pakistan has refuted the claim that the island nation had offered to give Pakistan elephants.

Pakistan recently lost one of its African elephants in Karachi Zoo on Sunday after the animal had been suffering from chronic illness for a long time.

In a tweet, the Sri Lankan High Commission in Pakistan stated that neither the Sri Lankan government nor the high commission had ever discussed or taken any action to give elephants to Pakistan.

According to the mission, there was "some truth" to the claim, though, because Yasin Joyia, the honorary consul of Sri Lanka in Lahore, had "mentioned the possibility of providing elephants." However, it was made clear that the individual was not authorized to make any "undertakings or discussions and had been strongly advised not to make any further statements" on the subject.

"Sri Lanka High Commission wishes to categorically deny any such discussion or initiatives taken to provide elephants to the zoos in Karachi and Lahore," the high commission stated.

After the unfortunate passing of the African elephant Noor Jehan in the Karachi Zoo on Sunday, Joyia announced on a private news channel that Sri Lanka would provide Pakistan with two elephants.

Joyia had asserted that the Sri Lankan high commissioner had received a request for the elephants. For the zoos in Karachi and Lahore, he had stated that Sri Lanka would send two female elephants.

It should be mentioned that since Noor Jehan's story came to light, showing the lack of treatment she received despite her condition deteriorating at the Karachi Zoo, there has been a significant outcry over animals being caged in the zoo animal rights groups.

Internet users were outraged by her tragic demise and accused zookeepers of "criminal negligence" and callous disrespect for the rights of animals.

Animal rights advocates from Pakistan and beyond publicized Noor Jehan's tragic suffering on social media, sparking demands for the closure of the zoo.