Pakistan's Current Crop Of Politicians Lack Any Integrity

Pakistan's Current Crop Of Politicians Lack Any Integrity
At the advent of this year, Imran Khan yet again changed his narrative from last year’s accusation of a ‘foreign conspiracy’ to topple his government, to an individual internal conspiracy led by the former Army Chief to bring about regime change.

If this has come out in the open and Imran himself is not only saying it but obviously believes it too, then what about the installation of the PTI regime back in 2018? Who facilitated that regime’s ascendance to power at that time? Will Imran accept that some kind of conspiracy was hatched at that time favoring him as well?

So many changes of stance in 10 months is unprecedented not only in Pakistani political history, but has never been observed worldwide. At least this scribe is not aware of any precedents of this nature.

Rewriting all the U-turns for the record here would only be a waste of space. The ultimate question is why did he not come up with this accusation while he was very popular and was holding power. Why now? He is losing his credibility by the day with these 'dynamic' statements.

Is this an honest service to the people of this country? Or for that matter will Imran’s current actions benefit the nation in any way? The entire matter makes him look like a child only wanting his candy back. The ‘Jail Bharo Tehreek’ is looking like an exercise in futility and an abject failure, as it had no logical footing to begin with.

According to some news reports, there is a clear resolve being perceived in the establishment for two commitments; one commits to staying out of politics and the second seeks to cleanse the force of some elements which were involved in affairs not directly related to armed forces' professional matters and conduct.

The hope is that the Army high command is steadfastly committed to remain within their ambit and will not facilitate or dislodge anyone from now on. This is how any professional force should carry out its duties under the country’s constitution.

Another extraordinary event was Imran’s Deputy Asad Umar’s retraction on his apology which he tendered to ECP in mid-February and took it back in a matter of a few hours. Yet again, the comedy of errors continues in Pakistan politics, full steam ahead. Quoting a line from his written reply, he says ‘he is sorry for the statements made.’ Is he not sorry for the statements made anymore?  This is also an unprecedented event where a ‘defendant’ apologizes and then retracts. A U-turn once again which has become a flagship tactic of the PTI.

One is not even sure how to react to these actions. Do we show disappointment? Amusement? Or astonishment? Or for that matter just become numb?

Now we have a suo motu notice of the Supreme Court on the interpretation of the Constitution regarding elections. Without going into the debate of whether the Election Commission is on this side or that side, this is a state institution and should be seen as one. As some judges have also remarked, the best place to deal with any institutional reparations would have been the parliament, where members can debate and make laws and the parliamentary committees can discuss issues and everything has parliamentary oversight, including how and when the elections should be conducted.

Using legal routes to fix ‘everything’ in the country is not only an impractical way of doing politics, but could be considered outright foolish. The parliament is the custodian of the constitution; legal forums are there just to interpret them. Besides, the Pakistani legal system is already overwhelmed and should be left to deal with ordinary Pakistanis’ problems instead of being dragged into political feuds or administrative disagreements between politicians.

From the Calibri fonts to fake signatures, this mutual cavalier attitude and lack of any integrity shows how serious the leaders take the judiciary. It is considered a very serious crime of perjury elsewhere, but in Pakistan we have not seen any action from courts against these frauds committed not just right in front of them but aimed at deceiving them. In many cases, the perpetrators leave the limelight out of their own feelings of guilt, embarrassment and shame.

If one does not follow the first and foremost principle of equal justice in a country, especially those people who are considered leaders and belong to the elite, then the future of that country is far from prosperity and is bleak, if not destined to complete doom.

Pakistan needs fresh blood in its politics and a new generation can fill this gap; the problem is the dearth of leadership which would be truly capable of running the country. We need to find apt individuals to build the country on honest footings devoid of any corruption or partisanship.