Clearing the Smog: Strategies for Cleaner Air with Climate Expert Sanval Nasim

Clearing the Smog: Strategies for Cleaner Air with Climate Expert Sanval Nasim

In this insightful interview, host Asad Ejaz leads a conversation with Sanval Nasim, an esteemed expert in economics focusing on environmental issues, climate change, and water management. Sanval Nasim currently serves as an Assistant Professor of Economics at Colby College, where he conducts research and teaches on topics related to environmental economics and policy.

They explore different perceptions of air pollution, distinguishing between particulate emissions and greenhouse gas emissions. Nasim elucidates the localized effects of particulate emissions, emphasizing the critical distinction between local air pollution and global warming.

The interview progresses to discuss the specific characteristics of air pollutants, with a particular emphasis on PM 2.5 (Particulate Matter 2.5), considered one of the most egregious pollutants. Nasim elucidates the short-term and long-term health effects of PM 2.5 exposure, including cognitive impacts and respiratory illnesses.

As the conversation unfolds, Asad and Sandoval delve into the factors contributing to smog formation, examining the role of vehicular emissions, agricultural practices such as crop burning, and meteorological phenomena like temperature inversion. They explore the uneven distribution of smog across different regions, attributing it to a combination of emission sources and local geography.

The interview further explores the policy implications of smog and air pollution, with Sam Nim offering insights into potential government strategies and the economic impacts of environmental degradation. Asad poses probing questions about the feasibility of mitigating smog and the role of public policy in addressing this pressing issue.