Rivers Surge As Monsoon Rains Continue To Cascade Pakistan

Rivers Surge As Monsoon Rains Continue To Cascade Pakistan
As monsoon rains continued to batter portions of the country, the Indus River's water level continued to increase, causing river channels in the Koh-e-Sulaiman region to overflow.

Low-lying regions were overwhelmed by a deluge from rain-swollen rivers, while the Koh-e-Sulaiman region is also dealing with devastating flooding.

The Indus River is experiencing low-level flooding in Sukkur and Guddu Barrage, and substantial flooding is forecast for Guddu Barrage over the next 24 hours.

Six of the seven canals that branch off of the Sukkur Barrage have been blocked and all of the gates of the water discharge barrage have been opened in an effort to lessen the damage.

Nevertheless, despite these precautions, almost 40% of the territory is already underwater, forcing locals to seek safety elsewhere.

In particular, the river from Dara Kah Sultan is flooding communities with a flow of 17,000 cusecs, while the flood line at Benazir Bridge has crossed 3 lakh cusecs.

Relief camps have been established in reaction to the tragedy as it unfolds to offer aid.

Furthermore, when floodwaters wreak havoc at the head block and cause the collapse of countless homes and structures, the situation in Nankana Sahib has gotten much worse.

After that, the ground connections were severed, leaving several residents stranded.

In order to minimize the damage, the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) has issued an alert to the Nankana district government.

A moderate flood is occurring farther down the Indus River at Taunsa due to an inflow of 387,587 cusecs and an outflow of 387,587 cusecs from the Taunsa barrage.

Sulaimanki's water flow was measured at 84,430 cusecs.

There are other waterways producing problems besides the Indus River. At Pakpattan, the river Sutlej has also surpassed the 84,000 cusec threshold, flooding communities and decimating numerous lives.

People from nearby locations have started moving to safer areas as a result of the rising water levels.

The effects of the present monsoon season are also being felt in other parts of Pakistan. The Pakistan Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) has warned that there is a likelihood of heavy showers in a number of regions, and the Punjab province in particular is preparing for possible floods.

A PDMA representative stated that the monsoon rains have also caused the water levels in the rivers in Punjab to continuously rise. As a result, there is a slight flood occurring in the Baloki section of the Ravi River right now.

At Baluki Headwater, the inflow and outflow have been measured to be 58,830 cusecs and 42,030 cusecs, respectively.