Vicky Kaushal Finally Opens Up About His Struggle Period

Vicky Kaushal Finally Opens Up About His Struggle Period
Bollywood actor Vicky Kaushal has now spoken out about his difficult time and given his mother credit for keeping him motivated.

One of the most popular actors in the Indian film business right now is Kaushal. But underneath all the gloss and glory, there is a lot of effort, blood, and sweat.

The Raazi actor has admitted that he attempted as many as 10,000 auditions, although he was originally only successful in 10.

He spoke to Film Companion about his trying time: "I knew of a certain few places where auditions happened; there were some ad agency offices, and there were the offices of casting directors and filmmakers."

"I didn't know what I was going to do, but I knew I was simply going to go meet people, tell them I wanted to act and go to auditions. I was certain I wouldn't just stay in since I knew that's not how I would find employment.

The National Award-winning actor said that he occasionally experiences discouragement. But whenever anything similar occurred, his mother always came to his aid and inspired him, according to India Today.

Kaushal's mother told him, "It's not your duty to know how it's going to happen. Your responsibility is to believe that it will happen. The 'way' is to refrain from attempting to become God."

"You can plan it, but don't kill yourself over it. Vicky was inspired by the straightforward sentence to keep going after his ambitions. She simply stated it casually, but it gave me a lot of power at the time, he said."

In 2015, Vicky Kaushal made his Bollywood debut with the movie Masaan. His 2018 movie Raazi, which also starred Alia Bhatt, helped him become well-known.