Such Gup

Such Gup

Hell or high water

Everyone knows by now that The Man of Steel is determined to pursue the Mush case, come hell or high water. Friends and family have cautioned him against this but The Man is standing firm. Our mole saw a relative hold his head in his hands and groan when he heard that The Man had gone to the superior adjudicators, asking for Mush to remain on the Exit Control List.

Big bucks 

Today’s so-called “revolutionaries” should answer a few questions about a top bureaucrat, a lynch pin of their admin, who’s busy moving big bucks around the globe. It’s said he made hay while the sun shone in Mush’s time. Our mole reports that he has recently moved USD 50 million from a foreign bank account to an investment fund in the UK.

Also known as ...

When the maverick Friar TuQ, aka Container Cleric and Qahir ul Padri landed at Lahore airport, he asked for the Corps Commander to come and fetch him. Chory Shuj of Guj, ever the pragmatist, feared their “cover” would be blown so he rang up his cousin who was with Friar TuQ, to say “Baba paaghal ho gya aye. Ainoo chup karao”!


Back in the good old days earlier this year, The Man of Steel took a famous TV comedian with him on a state visit. Apparently, the two had a hilarious time, cracking jokes, ROTFL, with The Man expressing a preference for the comedian’s company over that of his inviter, the Prime Minister of the host country!