SUCH GUP: No-show at the “pawry”

SUCH GUP: No-show at the “pawry”

No-show at the “pawry”

Meanwhile, the more sensible amongst The Great Khan’s horde, have seen the writing on the wall and don’t want to go down with the ship. We hear the Make Doom of Multan has told fam & friends that he’s had enough. Apparently, he’s told his son and heir that he can carry on if he wishes but that he, Make Doom Sr, will not be asking The Great Khan for a berth on his next adventure.
Various Punjabi politicos of the same ilk actually told Rana The Brave that they would not be leaving the safe confines of their homes to partake of The Khan’s recent mayhem spree. “Spare us the discomfort please”, they told Rana. And sure enough, there was a no-show on their part at The Khan’s “pawry”.

Picking up the pieces

Many cynical politicos all over the country are waiting to pick up the pieces of The Great Khan’s horde. They presume that The Boyz are done with The Khan (the jury is out on that for the moment) and that the leftovers will be easy pickings. Amongst these are the Chories of Guj, who seem to have a line open with the late lamented Big Ben’s Hubby. The latter and the Chories plan to present themselves to The Boyz as the alternative to The Man of Steel’s juggernaut in the Punjab, when the time comes.

Not a whimper

Ever wondered why there hasn’t been any protest from The Great Khan’s horde on the doing away of overseas Pakistanis’ voting rights? Not even a whimper! That’s because The Boyz facilitated a back door solution, this time in the true national interest. A Sad Age from The Khan’s side and the One Who Speaks from The Man of Steel’s side were put together to hammer out a solution. Together, they defanged NAB (because the PTI’s corruption dons were now going to be at the receiving end) and scrapped overseas Pakistanis’ votes. The latter for the benefit of the PDM. In return, The Boyz got the government to sign on the IMF’s dotted line, to save the country from further economic instability. And that dentist, who never tires of chasing disruption, meekly went along and called a joint session of Parliament to make all this happen. For once, everyone came together to achieve a consensus.