Bob Ahmed Shows Real And Relatable Characters In His Film 'Adam's Fire'

"Who are the people we want our culture to be understood through? Most kids grow up finding these characters in movies or on television. That's why filmmaking is a critical medium for a community to express its voice” says one of the most accomplished American-Pakistani film directors, Bob Ahmed .

The inspiration for his latest movie comes from a girl who is an international Taekwondo champion from Ahmed’s hometown of Swat Valley.

Ahmed says “Last year I went to a martial arts academy in Swat and I saw girls, hair covered, doing breath taking Taekwondo. Martial arts at this academy was about finding peace within yourself. Inspired by this concept I wrote a story called "Adam's Fire", about an American-Pakistani girl who is a Taekwondo champion and who teaches martial arts to a troubled boy in rural America, and how to find peace within himself. Along the way we get to meet fifth generation Americans who are thoughtful and courageous – characters based on people I know personally. The story is based on a beautiful farm in rural America.”

Ahmed’s previous films have given voice to marginalised communities. His short film, “Tikkun Olam” was voted the #1 film in America to raise awareness for homelessness in 2022, and was classified by the California State Assembly as “a groundbreaking film”.

Co-Producer, Hina Abidi, who is President of the Pakistan Arts Council in Los Angeles says “Ahmed makes his characters real and relatable by giving them dignity and authenticity. If you see “Tikkun Olam”, the homeless veteran emerges with honor and grace. And what stands about his  films is that they are a visual experience".

Co-Producer and actor, Tom Ohmer, whose career in the film industry spans over four decades has credits that include “Nefarious”, “Criminal Minds”, “NCIS:LA”, and “Days of Our Lives” says "Ahmed's film is about cultures coming together and the power of forgiveness. That’s the essence of being an American, so it’s imperative that we give a voice to the different communities that live here".

Aizzah Fatima is one of the lead actors in "Adam's Fire", and also the lead in the movie “Americanish” from Sony Pictures International. She says "What I love about "Adam's Fire" is that it shows us different ways of being Pakistani-American. That the identity isn't tied to one ideology or way of being. It is inspiring to see identity being tackled in this non-divisive way".

The film goes into production this summer.