Misogynistic Influencer Andrew Tate Claims He Has Converted To Islam

Misogynistic Influencer Andrew Tate Claims He Has Converted To Islam
Controversial British-American influencer Andrew Tate has said that he has converted to Islam, causing many to raise eyebrows at the former kickboxer who is known for his extremely misogynistic, sexist and hateful remarks.

Tate, who has been banned from almost all social media platforms for his misogynistic views, made the announcement on the last remaining platform he is present on, called Gettr. In a post, he confirmed that he had converted to Islam, saying "This is why I'm Muslim."


A day earlier, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter Tam Khan had shared a video of him and Tate praying in what seemed to be a mosque, along with the caption 'Alhamdullilah'.


People commented on the post, with reactions ranging from shock and surprise, to congratulatory, as they wished Tate the best and prayed for his prior sins to be forgiven.

Tate rose to fame when he began posting 'self-help' content on TikTok, and posed himself as a 'success coach', who would help people 'make quick money, pull girls and escape the matrix'. He quickly caught people's attention due to his extremely misogynistic views, such as believing that women belong in the home and are men's property. 

Many of his videos involve him talking about attacking women, throwing their things out and restricting when they can go out, if at all.

Due to this many people expressed skepticism under the video posted by Khan, and questioned if this was just another stunt by a misogynistic man known for clickbait-y controversial titles.

This led to Tam Khan posting a long thread on Twitter urging Muslims to not be so harsh on Andrew, and saying that everyone makes mistakes and only Allah can judge a person. "I personally know Andrew & mashallah his love for Islam is genunine & it’s real. No PR stunts," he wrote.