Israeli Forces Kill 27 In Gaza; Death Toll Mounts To 34,305 

Hamas official Khalil al-Hayya says the group is reviewing a new Israeli truce proposal.

Israeli Forces Kill 27 In Gaza; Death Toll Mounts To 34,305 

Following another day of nonstop airstrikes, the number of Palestinian deaths increased to 27 when at least seven more were slain in a new attack on Gaza by Israeli troops, according to media reports. Around ten of the victims were children. 

Israeli Foreign Minister Yigal Assaf indicated that a planned Rafah raid will be "suspended" if a hostage agreement is reached. Meanwhile, Hamas leader Khalil al-Hayya stated that the party was examining a fresh Israeli truce proposal.

Israel's foreign minister stated on Saturday that if an agreement is reached to guarantee the release of Israeli captives held by Hamas, an intended invasion into the southern Gaza city of Rafah may be suspended. 

Foreign Minister Israel Katz stated, "The release of the hostages is the top priority for us," in an interview with the local Channel 12 television. 

Katz said, "Yes," when asked whether that meant postponing an intended operation to destroy Hamas brigades in the city of Rafah. 

"If there is a deal, we will halt the operation," he added.