"These days, people in Karachi manage all basic necessities of life on their own"


Tragedy of Karachi


Ever since Islamabad became the capital of Pakistan, people have stopped caring about Karachi. The largest city of Pakistan is also the worst city in this country. Every government neglects this city.

These days, people in Karachi manage all basic necessities of life on their own. They buy drinking water from reverse osmosis plants, water for other uses from the tanker mafia and get electricity from generators or UPS units because there is no water in home taps and there are long power outages.

Every person has their own vehicle because there is no public transport system. People buy LPG cylinders in winter because of natural gas loadshedding. There are also no government jobs for the people of Karachi.

People send their children to private schools which charge exorbitant fees. The public education system is pathetic and perhaps the most neglected one in the country.

Police is corrupt and most personnel are from outside the city. This has made people’s lives miserable. The city infrastructure is in poor shape due to encroachments and illegal construction. I wish our rulers would take this beautiful city seriously.

Myra Arshad,

Via e-mail.

Authoritarian Trump


I am appalled, but not surprised, by the brazen breaches of ethical and legal norms by the Trump administration. One can use any excuse one wants, such as giving convention speeches on “personal time,” but these excuses are simply one more way to deceive the members of President Trump’s personality cult. The Republicans, who fully understand the breaches, do nothing.

Mike Pompeo delivering a convention address from Jerusalem is just blatantly wrong for a secretary of state. Trump and the first lady delivering their speeches from the White House grounds beyond the pale, pandemic or none.

Trump’s disinformation campaign is typical of his lies over the last four years. Democratic nominee Joe Biden does not want to “defund” the police. He is not a radical leftist. He will not destroy the suburbs.

Trump operates in lies and fear. This is the America we could have if Trump is re-elected.

Rania Shoaib,

Via e-mail

Coronavirus Pandemic


The current COVID -19 pandemic has infected more than 282,000 people in Pakistan and 19 million people worldwide. It has also caused more than 6,000 deaths in Pakistan. This virus currently has no medical treatment and vaccines are still in the trial stage.

The virus tends to affect different people in different ways and has multiple symptoms. People showing mild symptoms are advised to isolate themselves at home for a 14-day period, whereas the ones who are showing critical symptoms are to be taken to the hospital to receive medical help.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued SOPs, in order to prevent the further spread of the virus, which includes keeping a meter distance at least from others, washing hands often, use of hand sanitizer, face masks, and gloves and avoid touching face with unclean hands. Each and every government is trying its best to control the panic.

Zeeshan Ahmed,